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About Us

Welcome to Organic Vitamins Club. My name is James Cruise and I also have a team of blogging assistants that help us create this helpful blog about Organic Vitamins and Supplements. You will learn how you can use it to help you achieve optimum wellness, gain lean muscle mass and lose excess body fat.


Our goal to bring you the best information on why you should use exclusively Organic Vitamins and Supplements, and avoid the toxin filled common store brand vitamins, which usually do you more harm than good. We only display what is shown to be the very best and most beneficial to your health and wellness and personal fitness goals.


It’s always better working out smarter rather than harder, and actually getting the results you have been wanting. Now you can avoid all the junk vitamins that clog up your body and can’t be used. Instead you will have vitamins, most organic and from whole food sources, which energizes your body, and can be utilized 100%.