Organic Whole Food Vitamins

Organic Whole Food Vitamins


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Whole Food Vitamins

Why only purchase Organic Whole Food Vitamins? With the biggest growth in food now, we hear of places like Chipotle restaurants being the most sought after places to eat. It's not a secret that people are discovering and demanding organic foods, whenever and wherever they eat. No one wants to feed their kids pesticide (bug spray) laden foods and poison their systems.


Even as adults we want to look and feel our best, and you can't do that eating foods that have been processed with pesticides, chemicals and genetically engineered ingredients (viruses, chemicals, unnatural laboratory experiments.) If you are not getting Organic Whole Food Based Vitamins, then you are getting chemical substances that your body can not use, and may even be extremely unhealthy!


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Whole Food Vitamins and Minerals

What people don't realize yet, is that most of the supplements they are taking are made from the same crap they are trying to avoid eating in foods. Whole Food Vitamins and Minerals, particularly Organic Vitamins are free from GMO (Non-GMO) sourced whole foods and are either raw or not heat treated as this kills the important enzymes and co-factors that are the whole purpose of taking in vitamins in the first place.


Secondly if you are not getting organic you are eating: pesticides, larvacides, herbicides, chemicals, chemical fertilizers and “frankenscience” laboratory experiments. You are the guinea pig. Most of the synthetic vitamins are filled with cancer causing food colorings, genetically engineered viruses that make up GMO cheaply produced vitamins that harm you, not heal you. The chemical vitamins can't even be absorbed by your body, which looks for real foods it recognizes.


If it doesn't know what it is, it creates an immune response in your body, and you have intolerances and stomach problems. Taking only the Best Organic Vitamins you can get, gives you real live vitamins that your body can actually use and you can feel the difference.


If you look at foods and vitamins under a darkfield microscope, or using kirlian photography you can see the visible light that is given off by all living things. The greater the life force and vibration, the greater the light coming off, measured as photon emissions, or individual light particles. Organic Vitamins and Foods give off vibrant light and a mass of photons, which means they give you energy and nutrition. The chemical based foods and vitamins are essential dead, no light emission, and do the opposite – They Steal Energy and Life from your body!



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Best Whole Foods Vitamins

The best whole foods vitamins are certified organic, Non-GMO, free from harmful chemicals and additives. It's not worth it even for one second, to waste your resources, and health on these chemicals that literally make you sicker and weaker (as well as broker). Your body is made of proteins that are formed into your body's cells, organs and tissues. If you want those to look, feel and perform like they should, then it's a “no-brainer” that you want to give your body what it needs to succeed in creating new healthy tissues, a nervous system that performs and a body that looks as good as it feels.


So that is the the purpose of this blog, to make it easier for you to find the Best Organic Vitamins, Non-GMO supplements and health enhancing things all in one place. Now go and feed your body with real, nutritious organic, whole food nutrients every day. To see the very best whole food organic vitamins visit our top selection (prenatal, postnatal, children's, women's and men's) Organic Vitamins


Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food.

– Hippocrates

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