Why Organic?

Why Organic?


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Organic Vitamins and Supplements

The most common question I hear when I ask people what vitamins do they currently take is “Why do you need vitamins anyway?” And that is a valid question. If we were living over 100 years ago, we probably wouldn't even need to take vitamins at all, with the exception of specific areas where they lack any of the essential vitamins (the ones the body can't make or synthesize from other sources.) The soil was rich in vitamins, and minerals with a natural variety of healthy organisms that made up a symbiotic system that nourished the soil as well as those that ate from it.


However, we live in a very different time now my friends. The soil is mineral and vitamin deficient, crops are planted in a way that overuses the nutrients and turns it into barren fields that no longer produce what they should with proper crop rotation. They even use chemical fertilizers with pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, larvacides and other harmful “cides.”


organic vitamins


Whole Food Vitamins

The people that eat this type of food (or vitamins and minerals synthesized from them) actually get sicker because of the chemicals that are bonded with these laboratory created vitamins and foods. It's better to use organically created whole food vitamins that were used and planted in a way that keeps the proper healthy balance in the soil and creates a healthy ecosystem for years to come.


That being said, you need vitamins and minerals because the foods we eat are harvested on lands where the soil has no active minerals in the amounts necessary for optimal human health. Thus we need to get these vitamins from areas that use organic farming and harvesting techniques and make vitamins and minerals from those healthy and mineral rich food sources. You can keep your body in balance using the Best Organic Vitamins for the long haul. To see the very best organic whole food based vitamins visit our store page: Organic Supplements.


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