Vitamins for Menopause

Vitamins for Menopause


vitamins for menopause



Menopause Vitamins

Menopause is a normal part of a woman’s natural life cycle. There are benefits like no more vaginal bleeding, having to use tampons or pads that leave you irritable and sometimes cause toxic shock. Menopause has it’s own uncomfortable symptoms like hot flashes, night sweating, hormonal imbalance and even mood swings. Taking natural whole food based menopause vitamins can greatly help reduce and even stop these annoying symptoms of menopause. So what are the best vitamins for menopause?


A menopause vitamin formula must contain nutrients that prevent osteoporosis, usually vitamin D, vitamin K, magnesium, selenium and Iodine. These nutrients also help protect your breast, skin and immune system. It would also include liver support like milk thistle extract, and non-soy genistein, for energy, mood and optimum estrogen balance. And finally it needs to contain enzymes that are now depleted at a higher rate and need to be replaced via diet or supplement for whole body digestive system health and nutrient absorption. 


menopause relief


Menopause Relief

You can get complete menopause relief naturally. Whole food source vitamins, minerals and nutrients help you get complete menopause symptom relief. Rainbow Light is the pioneer in whole food source organic vitamins, minerals and supplements like this natural menopause symptoms relief formula. It is my go to source for natural non-GMO and organic supplementation. To get all the details of this highly recommended menopause relief formula or to order online Click Here. Here’s to staying healthy and happy!


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